Alejandro Riquelme

Computer Engineer

Almost graduated as computer engineer with strong knowledge of machine learning, computer vision and big data. I have big aspirations of future and a desire to grow learning.




Desired future


In the future I would like to work as a data engineer, drawing conclusions with raw data that can help the company where I work in particular and the world in general.


I am in love with the way that computers can learn, so I would also like to focus my professional career on machine learning.


To take the computer engineering and the junior degree forward have been without a doubt my great academic achievements.


As work achievements I would highlight my actual job, providing technical solutions to Google Cloud costumers. The 3 months I've been working as a FullStack Developer in London and my experience at T-Systems as a Software Developer.


Download resume


You can download my CV clicking here. Is a summary of this webpage in a pdf version.


My academic career

Subject Matter Expert of Google Cloud at Sellbytel Group 06/2019 - present


As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of Google Cloud I’ve been able to increase my technical knowledge in Google Cloud, being the primary point of contact and a reference for other shards and members of the team regarding Serverless and Storage products of Google Cloud Platform.
My main tasks were: troubleshooting issues of Google Cloud. Interaction with customers. Help other team members. Meetings with Team Leaders and Google Engineers to solve customer issues. Service implementation to the company.

Technical Solutions Representative of Google Cloud at Sellbytel Group 08/2018 - 06/2019


Technical Solutions Representative of Google Cloud Platform, providing critical services to serveral costumers of Google related to Big Data, Serverless applications and storage services. In this job I learned how to Interact with costumers following a strict quality standard. Also, I developed internal applications to the company.

Software Developer at T-Systems Iberia 01/2018 - present


At T-Systems Iberia I worked as an intern developing a tool for monitoring thousands of devices. I learned how PHP works in a deep level, I learned advanced features of Linux and I''ve acquired a really extense knowledge of how telecommunications works. The job also was focus in obtain metrics using Cacti and convert them to RRD and InfluxDB in order to obtain the data in a No-SQL format to analyze it.

Backend Developer at Active WebDezign in London 03/2014 - 06/2014


I learned at Active WebDezign how it is to work in a small company, in a different country, with a different language. It was an enriching experience. Using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and wordpress I developed more than 20 webpages. Also, I acquired a high level of english thanks to the period of time living and working in London.

My academic career

Computer Engineering at UAB 09/2015 - present


I am currently finising my degree in computer engineering with mention in Computing, wich means, with knowledge in machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, computer vision and so on.

Junior Degree in web development 09/2012 - 06/2014


I have studied a junior degree in web development, in this degree I acquired a strong base of technologies such as PHP, .Net, JSP, Ajax, Jquery, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and cloud computing

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